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Benedict Sebastian Boid English

Benedict Sebastian Boid English

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For an amazing little boy who has touched our lives forever!

Benedict was with us for such a short time, but the imapact he has had on our lives will without doubt last forever. Here is the story of his little life.

He was born early at just 31+1 weeks at Jessops Wing Hospital Sheffield on Tueday 27th Aug at 13.00. Although he was early, everyone was surprised at just how big our little boy was at a whopping 4lb 10 and measuring 46cm. After being born he was taken straight from the labour ward and onto the Special care baby unit where they could look after him.

When we saw him for the first time he was on a CPAP machine which was blowing air into his little lungs to help him breath but he was such a strong little man that he needed no extra oxygen or any other support. His first nurse in the unit  kept calling him Pavarotti since he was making a loud crying noise while he was getting used to breathing for himself. Within  2 days he moved onto the low dependency unit, we were so happy that he was progressing so well and so proud that we'd made such a beautiful baby boy. 

As the week went on things could not have gone any  better. Benedict's feeds were increasing, his sunbed treatment for jaundice was ending and were getting loads of nice long cuddles with our boy. On his first monday morning we were told that he was doing so well that after they had got a couple of test results back, it was highly likely Benedict could be moved to Bassestlaw so we would'nt have to travel as far to be with him and then all that he had to do was grow!

At 4pm that Monday, we fed Benedict and changed him just like any other Mum and Dad. Two hours later, the same healthy looking little boy stopped taking food into his stomach and was rushed to the intensive care unit. Over the course of the evening specialists and surgeons became involved and it came to light that Benedict had got an infection called NEC (Necrotising enterocolitis) We were so worried - the most important person in our lives lay completely helpless infront of us and we were completely helpless to do anything.  That night we went to sleep in the hospital worried but hopeful that the anti-biotics Benedict had been started on would clear the NEC away over the coming week after all he'd only become ill 6 hours earlier!  Early morning the next day we were met on the way to see Benedict by one of his nurses, his condition had gotten worse and he was going to have to go to surgery that morning to take out the bits of his bowel that had died.

Our little boy could not have been in better hands. The nurses looked after him and us so well and now he was in the hands of one best paediatric teams in the country. At about 10.30am the specialist transport team (Embrace) had prepared Benedict and took him down the road for surgery at the childrens hospital. Around two hours later we were sat in a room surrounded by surgeons,nurses and consultants  one of the surgeons told us they had started the surgery with hopes of taking out the infected and dead parts of his bowel, but they quickly found that in the short time Benedict had been ill his bowel had completely died from top to bottom. Time stood still and I was waiting for someone to explain what they were going to try next when it dawned on us that nothing could be done. We were and are devastated. I can remember everyone in that room was fighting there own tears back for us - this was'nt supposed to happen and everyone was completely shocked.

That afternoon Benedict had just turned a week old when he died in our arms surronded by love. 

No one even now is sure where the Necrotising Enterocolitis infection comes from and it seems the next best thing before the cause is found is early detection which is the aim of the Dove study that Action medical research are funding.

We miss Benedict more than I can tell you the and feeling of loss is beyond horrible and at times completely uncontrollable - it will never go. We want to help  to raise money for this  cause because it feels like the most important thing we can do in Benedicts name and if this research reaches its goal then many many babies premature and otherwise are going to have a much better chance of life and there will be less heart broken parents like us .

Thankyou for taking the time to read our page.

Benedict's proud mummy and daddy,

Crissy and Dan  xxBxx





Amount Name Date Message
£10.00 Caroline 27/08/2016 Happy Birthday Benedict xxx
£152.00 Jessop Wing Baby Memorial and Thanksgiving Service 01/06/2016
£20.00 Anonymous 17/01/2016
£10.00 Caroline 25/12/2015 Merry Christmas xBx
£5.00 The Thornleys 23/12/2015
£20.00 The Lovetts 23/12/2015 To our wonderful and courageous little English family and their special son who will always be remembered. x
£20.00 Lynsay and Christopher 25/11/2015 All our love, Lynsay and Chris.xxxxx
£20.00 Caroline 01/01/2015 Happy New Year Benedict xBx
£20.00 Anonymous 31/08/2014
£20.00 Jen, James, Jonah, Amos and Gabriel. 27/08/2014 For an incredibly special boy, for your awe inspiring Mum and Dad. Love xxx
£5.00 Michelle and Steve Hill 26/08/2014 Lots of love to you all xx
£20.00 Anna and Lisa 26/08/2014 Thinking of you on your birthday (tomorrow) and every other day. Lots of love xxx
£20.00 Caroline 26/08/2014 Happy Birthday for tomorrow Benny xBx
£20.00 Caroline 23/02/2014 xBx
£20.00 Jimmy and Vicky McCurrach 11/01/2014 Lots of love xxx
£20.00 Debbie and Rob Manners 25/12/2013 We are not sending Christmas cards this year but are instead donating to this very good cause. Thoughts and prayers are with you. xxx
£10.00 Caroline 01/12/2013 Thinking of you all, x
£30.00 Kay 26/11/2013 xx
£10.00 Leanne Somers 20/11/2013 Thinking of you God bless x
£10.00 Anonymous 18/11/2013
£10.00 Anonymous 18/11/2013
£10.00 Karen Nettleship 18/11/2013 My thoughts and prayers are with you both x
£10.00 Emma Mole 18/11/2013
£720.00 Worksop Priory School 15/11/2013 "In our thoughts and prayers every day" Lots of love from the staff, parents and pupils of Priory School.
£10.00 Carol Kent 15/11/2013 I know your little man will always be in your heart.
Total raised online:£1,642.00
Total raised offline:£2,175.00
Total raised:£3,817.00
Gift aid:£368.00
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