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Elijah Joakim Halse

Elijah Joakim Halse

Target: £37,000.00 | Raised: £31,399.04
and a further £6,825.74 through the government's Gift Aid Scheme

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Elijah Joakim Halse ("Lightning" to his friends) lived a short, intense life in the Jessop's Hospital in Sheffield. He was born extremely prematurely at 25 weeks and 3 days, and lived for just 37 days. He initially showed every sign and potential of leading a healthy life; he had a good heart, lungs, brain and kidneys. He was given outstanding care by the NHS staff. However he deteriorated suddenly and without warning having developed NEC (necrotising enterocolitis). He stabilised enough for investigative surgery. This showed the need to remove most of his small intestine and left him with Short Bowel Syndrome. He was making a good recovery from the surgery, but a routine head scan revealed extensive damage to his brain. While he was extremely ill, his brain had been deprived of blood. The damage was so great there was no hope of him recovering and we made the difficult decision to move from intensive to palliative care.

We were very lucky to have him, but his life was painfully short. He showed determination and strength in the challenges he faced so young. We hope that through fund raising for Action Medical Research we can make a small difference in the care for other babies in a similar situation in the future.


When Elijah was born we started a blog to keep the many people who cared up to date with his progress. We still update sometimes about how we're getting on in his absence: jameshalse.wordpress.com

Amount Name Date Message
£30.00 Anonymous 18/01/2019
£1000.00 Mummi and Grandpa 18/11/2018 In loving memory of Elijah and his great grandma, Eileen Halse
£44.00 Dave 21/10/2018
£60.00 Jenny Halse 11/06/2018 For Plants and Photos
£10.00 Sarah x 21/04/2018 With love x
£20.00 Sam, Andrew and Antonia. 18/04/2018 Sending lots of love. xxx
£50.00 Grandpa and Mummi 26/03/2018 Remembering Elijah with sadness and love on the 5th anniversary of his birth.
£20.00 Anonymous 23/12/2017
£10.00 Nick 11/12/2017
£20.00 Jacqui 11/12/2017 A few more pennies to help you on the way to your target. Awesome achievement xx
£10.00 Catherine Hodgkinson 11/12/2017 Well done everyone x
£120.00 Anonymous 11/12/2017
£100.00 Andy & Clare Wilkinson 03/12/2017
£100.00 Julian n Kath x 03/12/2017 Go Team Lightening
£30.00 Anonymous 03/12/2017
£100.00 Mummi and Grandpa 02/12/2017 Have a great run. Our love to you all.
£20.00 Dave & Gillian 01/12/2017
£20.00 Anonymous 27/03/2017
£150.00 Mummi and Grandpa 20/03/2017 Sending our love to you all as we remember Elijah especially at this time.
£25.00 Anonymous 12/12/2016
£5.00 Winston & Rachel Hazel 03/12/2016
£5.00 Emma 02/12/2016 There are some who bring a light so great into the world that even when they're gone the light remains. Xx
£37.00 Anonymous 29/11/2016
£25.00 Anonymous 14/06/2016
£152.00 Jessop Wing Baby Memorial and Thanksgiving Service 01/06/2016
Total raised online:£29,888.95
Total raised offline:£1,510.09
Total raised:£31,399.04
Gift aid:£6,825.74
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If you are a UK taxpayer you could be eligible for Gift Aid which adds an extra 25% on to your donation.
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