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My sister. Lost but not forgotten. You always remind me to go on living and do things out of my comfort zone!!


My beautiful little sister Holly  was diagnosed with Lupus when she was just 18, at the beginning of her life as a young woman...just two months away from her 20th birthday Holly left us...I feel like Lupus took her away from us...and I still dont understand it!?

Losing her and trying to make sense of things made me remember what it was like to be a teenager and how, even though I was healthy I still felt isolated and lonely and that its a very common thing for teenagers to go through!

But she had a complex illness an uncontrollable illness, and she had to deal with what it did to her body and her mind. It dawned on me that there must be millions of teens in the world who are diagnosed with a terrible illness or whos family members are sick and how difficult it is to be a teen and be strong with such an epic epic situation, I wondered if there was enough support out there, especially in rural areas like where my family come from....where is the help?..and is it presented in a way that teenagers feel comfortable accepting?...I would like to help raise money to go towards a charity that will help teens.

So my wonderful beautiful cheery chirpy anything goes darling Holly...I'm going to ride my bike 40 miles with loads of other women and see what happens!


To all my gorgeous friends and family, dont worry if you can't afford more than a quid..seriously every little helps.


rock on in Hollys memory xxxxx

By sponsoring me, you’ll be helping Action to fund research into Lupus which one day could help young people like Holly.

Amount Name Date Message
£10.00 Natasha 23/04/2017 For Holly ❤
£10.00 Becky Butler 14/06/2016
£15.00 Anonymous 13/06/2016
£20.00 Hannah Daffern 12/06/2016
£10.00 Cat 12/06/2016
£20.00 Erica Tain 12/06/2016 Well done ladies!!!
£20.00 Anonymous 12/06/2016
£20.00 Rose 11/06/2016 Love you xxx
£15.00 Chrissie 09/06/2016 big LOVE <3
£10.00 Sarah B 08/06/2016 All your training and challenging yourself will be absolutely worth it - look at all this money you've raised! Look after that knee though this year...
£20.00 Vera 07/06/2016 Love you and so proud of you. Can't wait to see you cross the finish line!
£15.00 Sarah 05/06/2016 Good Luck. All going for a great cause!!
£25.00 Debbie 05/06/2016 Brilliant work lady! Love you x
£20.00 Katie Cunningham 05/06/2016 Go Josie, we're so proud of you!
£10.00 Sharon 23/05/2016 Go go go Josie, you'll do great xxxx
£30.00 Ali 23/05/2016 A wonderful thing to do as a tribute to Holly. You go girl xxxx
£25.00 Aunty Sarah 22/05/2016 I'll be thinking of you the whole way round!
£10.00 Sarah WeBop 18/05/2016 A lovely thing to do - good luck and much love n hugs Sa xxx
£10.00 Anonymous 11/05/2016
£20.00 Sasha 11/05/2016 So much love to you and the family xxxx
£10.00 Sue 10/05/2016 From a long time ago, I remember you all as children. Such a sad story, love to you all.
£20.00 Nigel 09/05/2016 Good luck :) X
£20.00 Lynda Webb 26/04/2016 Good luck. Hope you raise loads. And look after your knee xx
£10.00 Alex from the market ;) 19/04/2016
£20.00 Abi 19/04/2016 Go Josie Go!!
Total raised online:£895.00
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Total raised:£895.00
Gift aid:£160.00
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If you are a UK taxpayer you could be eligible for Gift Aid which adds an extra 25% on to your donation.
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