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Rohan Alipour-Faridani

Rohan Alipour-Faridani

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Rohan was born on Tuesday 10th December 2003. He was born 6 weeks prematurely and weighed 3lb15.5oz.  He did well and had little issues until he started school and we started to notice his lethergy, he was referred the paediatricians and started having tests.  Finally in March 2013 he was diagnosed with a rare Mitochondrial condition called MELAS.  This stands for Myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke like episodes.  Rohan had most of these conditions and was managing them and still attending school as a normal little boy until October 2013 when he was dealt the hardest blow of his first stroke like episode. Following this he had an EVD and brain surgery to release the pressure and he fought hard to recover.  Rohan was always a fighter and did incredibly well to recover his mobility, and speech, he lost his sight in December 2013 and then he was knocked again by another stroke like episode at Christmas 2013.  Again Rohan fought back and at Easter 2013 he went back to school.  He loved being back in school with his friends and every day asked whether it was school and had a beaming smile when he could go in.  

He never complained about any of his complications or losing his sight.  In May 2014 he was the star of mine and his step dads wedding dancing during the speechs and getting a standing ovation. 

In September 2014, he suffered another set back and strokes and finally lost his fight on Saturday 4th October 2014, aged 10 years old.  He was comfortable and with both his mum and dad.

We feel his loss every day, his sister Yazmin misses him every day.  As a caring, loving little boy he is a massive loss to this world.  We feel that raising money in any way we can would be what Rohan would want us to do and this woud hopefully go towards finding a cure for some of these terrible illnesses and conditions. 

Amount Name Date Message
£10.00 Jeremy Pratt 08/04/2019
£10.00 Petko 04/10/2018 You are an amazing person, Ash and I am sure your son would’ve been an amazing person too. Thank you for everything!
£10.00 L V 03/10/2018
£40.00 Val Stubbins 06/09/2018 For sale of cards - thank you Margaret and Joyce
£10.00 Pippa Bellis 23/02/2018
£10.00 Andrea 22/02/2018 Great work x
£171.00 Party Parlour 09/01/2018 A donation raised from Santa's Grotto in Colchester xx
£11.00 Sharon 30/12/2017 For the Lovely Xmas Decorations & Gifts
£20.00 Lucy Wilson 10/10/2017 For superheroes everywhere - keep fighting, keep smiling xx
£20.00 Anonymous 04/10/2017
£25.00 Dayle carvell 03/10/2017 Sent with all my love for an amazing thing your doing xxx
£5.00 Nikki and Byron 25/07/2017
£10.00 Sharons Mum & Billy 17/03/2017 For Rohan xx
£20.00 Helen Jewell 17/03/2017
£10.00 Emma Holder 17/03/2017 In loving memory. xx
£15.00 Anonymous 21/08/2016
£15.00 Anonymous 29/07/2016
£15.00 The M-Ps 01/07/2016 For a special boy who is loved and missed everyday...will wear our paddington badges for you Rohan xxx
£108.00 Paddington Badges 01/07/2016
£10.00 Karen 03/06/2016
£25.00 Alana and Derek 06/12/2015 We are friend's of Rohan's Aunty Clare and Uncle David and we know through them what a very special little boy Rohan was. Our thoughts are with you all xxx
£5.00 Claire Wildman 05/12/2015 What a wonderful thing to do in memory of your amazing son!
£50.00 Pete Maycroft 04/12/2015 A lovely young man, very much loved and missed by his family. Thoughts and prayers are with you all
£5.00 Andrew Jackson 04/12/2015
£10.00 Anonymous 01/12/2015
Total raised online:£10,007.90
Total raised offline:£2,033.48
Total raised:£12,041.38
Gift aid:£2,206.65
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If you are a UK taxpayer you could be eligible for Gift Aid which adds an extra 25% on to your donation.
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